Lodha Mirabelle Master Plan

Lodha Mirabelle Masterplan by Lodha Group in Manyata Tech Park, Thanisandra, Nagavara, Bangalore North

Lodha Mirabelle master plan incorporates a blend of contemporary and elegant architectural design. Seven striking towers, meticulously placed within the 10-acre project area, rise majestically to redefine the skyline of Thanisandra. Each tower is a masterpiece of modern construction, reflecting the commitment to aesthetics and functionality.

Lodha Mirabelle, nestled in the heart of North Bangalore, offers not just apartments but a meticulously designed living experience. The master plan for this residential gem is a testament to thoughtful urban planning and a vision of creating a harmonious and sustainable community.

One of the most captivating elements of the master plan is the extensive green spaces and landscaped gardens. These lush oases are thoughtfully spread throughout the complex, offering residents the luxury of natural beauty and a serene environment right at their doorstep. From tranquil walking paths to vibrant flowerbeds, Lodha Mirabelle’s green spaces provide a serene escape from the urban hustle.

The apartments themselves are strategically positioned within the master plan. With options ranging from 2.5 BHK, 3 BHK, 3.5 BHK, to spacious 4 BHK with maid’s room units, the layout ensures a balanced mix of apartment types. This diversity in unit sizes and configurations caters to the varied needs and preferences of prospective residents. No matter your family size or lifestyle, there’s a perfect home waiting for you at Lodha Mirabelle.

Lodha Mirabelle’s master plan capitalizes on its strategic location, placing it near the bustling Manyata Tech Park. For working professionals, this means unparalleled convenience, as your workplace is just a stone’s throw away. Elements Mall, a popular shopping and entertainment hub, serves as a landmark, making navigation a breeze for residents and visitors alike.

The master plan also showcases an array of amenities thoughtfully integrated into the fabric of the community. From a well-equipped fitness centre to a pristine swimming pool, a modern clubhouse to children’s play areas, Lodha Mirabelle offers a plethora of options for relaxation, recreation, and socializing. Whether you’re looking to stay active or unwind, these amenities have you covered.

Safety and convenience are paramount in the master plan. 24/7 security measures, intercom facilities, and secure parking ensure a worry-free living experience. For residents, this translates into peace of mind and a sense of community where everyone feels safe and comfortable.

Lodha Mirabelle master plan doesn’t just focus on the present; it’s designed for the future. With provisions for high-speed internet and home automation, residents can embrace the benefits of smart living. The development also incorporates eco-friendly features, such as rainwater harvesting, promoting sustainability.

The master plan includes spaces for social interaction, such as a multipurpose hall for gatherings and events. Additionally, there’s a dedicated senior citizen corner where the elderly can socialize, creating a warm and inclusive community.

An uninterrupted power supply, 24/7 water availability, and high-speed elevators are part of the plan, offering a seamless and comfortable living experience for all residents. Waste management solutions ensure a clean and hygienic environment.

So, Lodha Mirabelle’s master plan is an embodiment of a modern and harmonious living experience in North Bangalore. It offers elegance in architecture, green spaces, a wide range of apartment options, strategic location, and an impressive array of amenities. It’s not just about residences; it’s about creating a community where residents can thrive and live their best lives. If you’re seeking a home that marries style, comfort, and convenience, the master plan of Lodha Mirabelle beckons you to experience a new era of living in one of Bangalore’s most sought-after locations.

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Lodha Mirabelle master plan has got approx 65% towards the open space.